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One of our main features is our open-plan flooring area and astro track, providing members with ample space to move and exercise in a variety of movement patterns; pulling, pushing, flipping, carrying, sports specific agility and speed work. We have sleds, tyres, battle ropes, yokes and a whole range of fitness equipment which can be used in this unique space, allowing you to add variety to your workout and train like an athlete!

The gym is kitted out with 3x treadmills, 3x X-trainers and 1x upright bike each with built in fans for user comfort as well as Bluetooth connectivity for your smart phone. We also have 4x Concept2 Rowers, 4x Concept2 SkiERGs, 2x Concept2 BikeErgs and 2x Rogue Assault Bikes as well as 4x Wattbikes so that you will always be able to get your heart rate pumping.

We have an array of weights for all gym users including dumbbells ranging from 1kg up to 47.5kg, bumper plate weights and Werksan Olympic weights, a selection of Olympic and specialist bars. Our 8 racks and rigs offer users space and a variety of different exercises and training methods.

Our plate loaded resistance machine area is made up of 8 Primal Strength machines to cover all muscle groups. Along side these machines we also have 2x cable machines and a variety of other equipment such as; kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers, slam balls and a GHD.