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Fitness Classes




If you're looking for a class where you'll learn new movements, push yourself hard and develop aerobic and anaerobic capacity whilst improving strength levels this one's for you. Expect to be working in teams or individually, pushing yourself and your teammates hard. Metcon incorporates a blend of CV, weighted and bodyweight exercises designed to work and tune your 'engine'. 



If you're looking to improve your core, tone up your arms or build up some full body strength, then Body Sculpt is the class for you. You'll cover a wide range of exercises both bodyweight and resisted with our coaches, ensuring you're progressively challenged as the weeks advance. A great class for all capabilities and ages.



In this class your coach will take you through a variety of exercises designed to optimise your calorie burn over the session, they will use CV equipment, bodyweight and weighted movements, you may work individually or in teams to achieve calorie targets. Suitable for anyone who wants to feel the burn.



Core strength is a fundamental and essential part of any training programme. A stronger core will not only help in your workouts but in everyday life, helping to prevent injuries and back pain. This class is deigned to target all aspects of your core using many varied movements and techniques and is suitable and advised for all ages and capabilities.



Circuits training is one of the most efficient forms of exercise to burn fat, lose weight and increase your cardiovascular fitness. You will work through a series of exercise stations in a circuit hitting all major muscle groups. By combining strength and aerobic exercise this is one of the best ways to build stamina and burn calories.



Bootcamp is run whilst the gym is closed allowing your coach to utilise the whole gym space and incorporate more technical exercises and use more varied equipment not normally available in other classes. Bootcamp is a high octane class giving you a comprehensive total body workout.



This full body conditioning class is suitable for everyone. Kettlebell work will improve your strength by incorporating compound movements, improve your coordination and proprioception whilst burning calories and conditioning your cardiovascular capacity.



High Intensity Interval Training. Our coaches will take you through a series of high intensity exercise intervals using a variety of equipment and bodyweight movements. Short rest breaks between maintain the intensity throughout and keep your heart rate up meaning you're improving your cardiovascular and aerobic capacity, getting fitter and burning calories.

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga


This class is great for increasing general health and mobility. Using a variety of training styles and equipment you will improve cardio output bone and muscle density, balance and co-ordination. 



A fun class involving aspects of combat sports. You will be coached through simple boxing and kicking techniques, working in pairs with pads etc whilst also doing combat style fitness training and mini circuits. This class will work you hard but is also great fun and suitable for all ages and abilities.



Focusing on your aerobic capacity and endurance your coach will incorporate mixed terrains including: Hills, mountains, speed work and interval training. Ideal for beginners or serious cyclists with personalised data in each session allowing for progression and goal setting.



This class incorporates a revolutionary new training system which benefits everyone through a progressive approach to fitness, mobility and muscle activation, regardless of age or level of performance. Simple, fun and effective, Stick Mobility will unlock the inhibited movements that prevent optimal function and health.